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The first trustless interchain economy

Combining Lightning Network and Masternodes
into a global blockchain for decentralized applications.
XSN is the cryptocurrency powering the network.

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XSN is programmable digital money.
It is the native cryptocurrency of Stakenet
and powers its decentralized applications.

Instant transactions with virtually zero fees

XSN is digital money with instant, infinitely scalable transactions, and near zero fees over Lightning Network.

Cross-chain connected over Lightning Network

XSN can operate with other blockchains. It runs on a decentralized, very secure, and trustless cross-chain blockchain.

Masternodes on a highly secure PoS blockchain

Masternodes run dApps and services on one of the most secure PoS blockchains, utilizing Trustless Proof of Stake.

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What is Stakenet?

Stakenet is a decentralized blockchain with Lightning Network, Masternodes, and dApps, such as a Lightning DEX.

  • It provides a trustless cross-chain platform built on top of its own cryptocurrency - XSN. Individuals can easily operate with any blockchain by using XSN and its dApps.
  • Powerful Masternodes run the dApps and network services. It is the first blockchain secured by a Trustless Proof of Stake (TPoS) consensus, resulting in one of the highest level of security among existing PoS networks.
  • Learn more about its utility in our FAQ and XSN page.

    The Stakenet blockchain is powered by two types of nodes: Staking nodes and Masternodes

    The Staking nodes

    Responsible for moving, validating, and securing the Stakenet network.

    Anybody can be a staker by running a Staking node, regardless of how many coins he owns.

    Merchantnodes are a kind of Staking nodes designed especially for cold staking (TPoS).

    The Stakenet blockchain uses its revolutionary TPoS consensus, so more independent Stakers secure the network and more Masternodes can be online than with previous solutions.


    Responsible for providing high-end network services and running dApps utilizing XSN, such as our Lightning DEX.

    They create a massive network of computers with an incredible computational power for Stakenet. The possibilities are endless.

    To run a Masternode you need 15 000 XSN.

    Network security and services are as important to have a robust and powerful infrastructure. Stakers and Masternodes are equally rewarded, each with 45% of the block rewards. No one is discriminated.


    The treasury is a cryptographically sealed public address that holds money allocated to it by the network

  • 10% of the block rewards go to the treasury.
  • Used to fund any Stakenet related development, project, marketing campaign, et cetera…
  • No centralized entity owns or has access to the money in the treasury.
  • Funds proposals must be submitted and voted democratically by the Masternodes.
  • It is effectively owned by no one and everyone at the same time.
  • Governance

    The Stakenet's governance is a truly decentralized democracy

  • Stakenet is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that is run through unbreakable rules, encoded and maintained on our blockchain.
  • It doesn't have a centralized leader. Instead, there is a management mechanism that takes credit for the needs of all individuals involved.
  • Stakenet holders govern the protocol and vote to implement the best possible innovations.
  • Masternode owners have voting rights — one Masternode equals to one vote.
  • dApps and services

    Different teams are innovating and building on top of Stakenet

  • The proceeds dApps and services bring are distributed among XSN Masternodes, sent to the Treasury for further developments, or burned (thus decreasing the supply of the coin). Either way, it is ensured the dApps and services built upon Stakenet will end up benefiting XSN.
  • The Stakenet dApp framework will enable anyone to develop powerful decentralized applications on top of Stakenet, powered by XSN Masternodes.

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