Stakenet Cloud (Staking as a Service platform) is now live! Deposit XSN and start earning rewards within hours.


The first trustless profit-driven economy

Creating a truly decentralized, profit-driven interchain meta network economy to make crypto assets more accessible and secure for everyone



XSN Coin

The Stakenet economy is powered by our currency XSN

Instant transactions with virtually zero fees

XSN is digital money with potentially infinitely scalable tx/s and virtually zero fees over Lightning Network

Cross Chain capabilities allow intercommunication

XSN will be able to interact with other blockchains. Our objective is to make XSN the only coin you ever need to own

Payments for services within the ecosystem

XSN is also used to pay for all of the services within our ecosystem, like for the Stakenet Cloud services

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What is Stakenet?

Stakenet is a utility blockchain created to provide a highly secure interchain economy for cryptocurrencies

  • The economy is backed by Stakenet's own coin — XSN. It utilizes enhanced security algorithms, supports Lightning Network and has Cross Chain capabilities.
  • Powerful Masternodes provide the network services and it's the first blockchain secured by a Trustless Proof of Stake (TPoS) consensus, resulting in the highest level of security among existing PoS networks.
  • Learn more in our FAQ.

    Blockchain oriented businesses

    Stakenet is developing products to make working with crypto assets easy

    Stakenet Cloud

    Stakenet Exchange

    Introducing the new generation of coin staking. Proof of Stake coins are the future, so we created a suite of staking tools you can capitalize on

    Multi-currency wallet

    Your single and secure place to hold your PoS coins and earn staking rewards.

    Pooled staking

    Your coins will automatically stake. Earn rewards every few minutes with any amount of coins.

    Pooled Masternodes

    Share ownership and rewards of a Masternode even if you don't have enough coins for one.

    Masternodes as a Service

    We set up and maintain your Masternodes. You are in control of your coins at all times.

    TPoS Marketplace

    Find independent Merchants to set up a Merchantnode and trustlessly stake for you.

    Monitoring services

    Monitor your Masternodes and Merchantnodes. We will send you an email if anything is wrong.


    Our Proof-of-Stake blockchain is powered by two types of nodes: Staking nodes and Masternodes

    The Staking nodes

    Responsible for moving, validating and securing the Stakenet network.

    Anybody can be a Staker by running a Staking node or using a Merchantnode for Trustless Proof of Stake. Regardless of how many coins he owns.

    Merchantnodes are a kind of Staking nodes.

    Network security and services are as important to have a robust and powerful infrastructure. Stakers and Masternodes are equally rewarded, each with 45% of the block rewards. No one is discriminated.


    Responsible for providing high-end network services, such as powering the Stakenet Exchange.

    They create a massive network of computers with an incredible computational power for Stakenet. The possibilities are endless.

    To run a Masternode you need 15 000 XSN.

    The Stakenet blockchain uses its revolutionary TPoS consensus, so significantly more independent Stakers secure the network and more Masternodes can be online than with previous solutions.


    The treasury is a cryptographically sealed public address that holds money allocated to it by the network

  • 10% of the block rewards go to the treasury
  • Used to fund any Stakenet related project, development, marketing campaigns, et cetera…
  • No centralized entity owns or have access to the money in the treasury.
  • Funds proposals must be submitted and voted democratically by the Masternodes.
  • It's effectively owned by no one and everyone at the same time.
  • Governance

    The Stakenet's governance is a truly decentralized democracy

  • Stakenet is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that is run through unbreakable rules encoded and maintained on our blockchain.
  • Doesn't have a centralized leader, instead we created a management mechanism that takes credit for the needs of all involved individuals.
  • Stakenet holders govern the protocol and vote to implement the best possible innovations.
  • Masternode owners have voting rights — one masternode equals to one vote.
  • Businesses

    Stakenet is building businesses that provides even greater value to XSN

  • Either by burning the profits of these businesses thus decreasing the supply of our coin or by sending this money to the Treasury to fund more projects, it's ensured that all profits within the ecosystem will end up benefiting XSN.
  • Businesses include the Stakenet Cloud and Stakenet Decentralized Exchange, powered by our Masternodes whom will profit from it by directly earning all of its trading fees.

    The Stakenet DApp framework will enable third parties to develop powerful tools to provide their services in and for Stakenet.

    More to come

  • Team

    Each team member makes its own valuable contribution to the Stakenet ecosystem

    Profile photo

    John Draper

    Founder / Director of Operations

    Profile photo

    Benjamin Wang

    Software Architect

    Profile photo

    Yura Oleksyshyn

    Senior Developer - Blockchain

    Profile photo

    Eloy Gil Guerrero

    Developer - Full Stack

    Profile photo

    Alexis Hernandez

    Developer - Backend

    Profile photo

    Shahab Benzadi

    Founder / Platform Manager

    Profile photo

    Carlos Melo

    Engineering Manager

    Profile photo

    Nathan Faust

    Founder / Community Manager

    Profile photo

    Paul Freeman

    Community Support

    Profile photo

    Andrii Diachuk

    Developer - Blockchain

    Profile photo

    Wesley Forgione

    PR Specialist

    Profile photo

    Emil Sterndorff

    Community Moderator

    Profile photo

    Andy Osborne

    Technical Support


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