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The smart
digital money

XSN is the cryptocurrency that powers Stakenet.
It runs on a highly secure blockchain with Masternodes, Lightning Network, and decentralized applications.

XSN overview

Fast, secure, programmable

Cross-chain capabilities

XSN is able to interact with other blockchains, opening an infinite range of opportunities.

Our Cross-Chain Proof of Stake technology will allow you to stake XSN and earn rewards in Bitcoin trustlessly, with no intermediates or risks involved.

XSN is one of the first coins to ever perform Lightning Network Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps, which are the foundation of Stakenet DEX.

Lightning Network

We adhere to the existing Bitcoin/Lightning Network protocol. With XSN you can make payments in any currency over LN; even if a merchant only accepts BTC, you can pay it seamlessly using your XSN.

XSN has instant and essentially free transactions, with a theoretical output of unlimited transactions per second. Unimaginable by traditional money.

Our objective is to make XSN a highly usable coin, and be among the most secure by having a trustless operating environment.

TPoS and Masternodes

Trustless Proof of Stake provides XSN with the highest level of blockchain security, by using decentralized and trustless cold staking.

Earn a passive income in XSN by securing the blockchain while staking, or by powering dApps and network services running a Masternode.

Cryptocurrency features

XSN unique key

Instant transactions

Through Lightning Network transactions are settled in milliseconds.

Infinitely scalable

XSN can process unlimited transactions per second, 24x7, over Lightning Network.

Zero fees transactions

XSN transactions are almost free by using second layer Lightning Network technology.


Enhanced privacy features, such as bulletproofed algorithms or an internal TOR network run by Masternodes.


Trustless Proof of Stake consensus results in the highest level of security among existing PoS networks.


Powerful Masternodes act as service providers for the Stakenet blockchain. They will also provide liquidity to our Lightning Network.

Revolving Stake Bonus

RSB is a reward mechanism designed to dynamically support the Stakenet ecosystem.

Lightning Swaps

Any XSN user is able to swap assets between different blockchains instantly and anonymously.

Cross-chain technologies

With XSN Cross-Chain Proof of Stake users can stake their XSN and receive rewards in other coins.

Use Cases

XSN unique properties allow it to be used for many different cases

Instant payments with virtually zero fees

Send instant, private, and unfairly cheap money transactions using XSN. To anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Passive income

Earn rewards directly from the network by securing it with Stakenodes, or providing services with Masternodes.

Stake XSN and earn other cryptocurrencies

Earn bitcoins, or other cryptocurrencies, while staking XSN. Achieved with our Cross-Chain Proof of Stake technology.

Censorship-resistant and open money

XSN is decentralized, permissionless, trustless, censorship-resistant money with immutable transactions.

Participate in Stakenet's governance

Masternodes vote in a decentralized democracy. Their decisions shape the future of Stakenet.

Seamless Lightning Network payments

Pay merchants that accept Bitcoin, or any other LN currency, using XSN. Made possible with our Lightning Swaps.

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Price and Volume

Up to date XSN metrics

Current price


Market cap


24 hour volume


Fork table

Bitcoin.core first-of-class forks


BTC, Bitcoin

First cryptocurrency using PoW consensus

PPC, Peercoin

Changed from PoW to PoS consensus

DASH, Dash

Developed Masternodes as network managers

XSN, Stakenet

Developed Trustless PoS and cross-chain features

BLK, Blackcoin

Disabled coinage. Uses PPC for consensus

CRAVE, Crave

Combined Masternodes and PoS


Introduced See-Saw mechanism